Play Big Outdoors offers Rad E-Bike rentals and repair

Rad Runner


$95/day or $65/half day

The RadRunner is the first E-bike to have an adjustable driver's seat that can either be completely flush with the passenger's seat or adjusted higher like a standard bike. Keep the seat low so your passenger can snuggle up close or raise the seat up to get proper leg extension while pedaling. You do you.

Rad Rover


$110/day or $75/half day

The new RadRover 5 seamlessly blends rugged capabilities and exceptional comfort. With 4” fat tires and a reputation for stability, Rad's flagship e-bike is perfect for off-road adventures, weekend spins around the cul de sac, and everything in between. It’s no wonder it’s the best-selling electric fat bike in North America.

Rad Wagon


$110/day or $75/half day

It’s the strongest and most versatile version of the RadWagon yet, featuring smaller, innovative new tires to achieve a lower center of gravity. Its patent-pending new frame design ensures multiple points of adjustability, including a telescopic seat post and easily maneuverable handlebars. This e-bike is designed for families with young children in tow.

Rad Mini


$110/day or $75/half day

Don't let the "mini" in its name fool you. Sure, the RadMini can quickly fold when you need some extra room, but this ebike packs quite a punch when you're ready for action and adventure. Power, convenience, and versatility make this rugged space-saver a truly unique addition to any arsenal.